Want To Start Trading Penny Stocks And Make Money Consistently?

I know something that most people don’t know. I know how to make money consistently in the best penny stocks!… I know 5 things that you must ALWAYS do if you want to trade penny stocks so you make money consistently. I’m going to talk about those 5 things below but first I need to share with you 2 extremely important items of information about penny stocks that most people don’t know.
Find Out How You Can Let Penny Stock Prophet Help You Make Money!

I’m sharing them because I believe that they may totally change the way that you look at trading penny stocks.
A lot of people want to start trading penny stocks but they are afraid to try. They know that they really don’t understand what it takes to make a lot of money in any stock market… let alone trading penny stocks.
They know that the “regular” stock market (NYSE, NASDAQ, etc.) usually takes many thousands of dollars to do right. And, they are correct!
But, I have found that trading penny stocks normally takes much less money. I have found that it takes hundreds instead of thousands of dollars… to trade penny stocks successfully.
In fact, the lower amount of money needed was my original motivation to try trading penny stocks. And, because of that, I have learned that I can, in fact, trade penny stocks successfully with less than 500 dollars in capital!


What proof do I have?
Simple, I’ve done it!
Second, another misconception many people have is that trading penny stocks is off the charts in terms of risk. Have you heard of Enron, Adelphia Communications Co. or Arthur Anderson Co? They are all “biggies.” What about other “big” names like iVilliage, Internet Capital Group or Infospace… to name just 3 of many large companies that have been investigated or actually alleged to be associated with fraudulent activities…
… Contrary to popular opinion, I have discovered that penny stocks are just like other investments/trades… they are inherently risky and you can lose money.  But, just like with their “big brothers” on the major exchanges, by doing the right things you can reduce that risk to acceptable levels.
And, I have found that it’s really not that hard to reduce the risk if you will follow some basic rules.
If you will let me, I would like to share some of what I’ve learned over the last 20+ years that I’ve been investing and trading in various Stock and Options Markets.
Almost no one tells beginning investors and traders the 3 things that you actually need to know about trading… Especially when you are trading penny stocks.
… First, don’t fall prey to urgency.  Urgency is a figment of your imagination combined with your greed.  You can not lose money in the penny stock market that you don’t invest there.  If you are feeling urgent about an investment or trade I advise you to do nothing!
Be patient. Remember the old English Proverb “All good things come to him who waits…”.I promise you, another opportunity WILL present itself soon!!!
I believe that false urgency has caused more people to lose money than almost any otherfactor when they are investing or trading in the stock or options markets.
Why do they do that?
Simple, … They don’t want to miss out on making some money.  In other words, they get greedy and they move before the time is right. And, timing is the second point…
… Second, the timing must be right.  If you move too soon, you may end up paying too much and that can turn a very nice profit into a nasty loss… Too late, and you may miss the opportunity entirely.
Even worse, you may not take the time to evaluate what you are going to do. Never, make your move before you know for sure that it is the right thing to do.  I’ve lost more money than I care to admit because of bad timing and it was usually mixed with a fair amount of urgency.
How do you know that an investment or a trade is the right thing to do?
Actually, the answer to that question is the third thing that I want to share with you…
… Third, you need to know and adhere to the “3 Rs.”  Maybe you are old enough to remember the “3 Rs” from your grade school days: Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic.  It’s not that of course… The 3 Rs of Investment and Trading depend upon human judgment, not on some magic formula or some stock picking computer robot.
The 3 “Rs” of Investment and Trading are:
Research – you always need to research areas of interest thoroughly or you will never get rich. It doesn’t matter if you subscribe to a stock recommendation service, “roll your own”, or read the reports supplied by your broker… you will want to research the markets, the economy and the individual issues that you are thinking about “getting into”… before you put your money on an investment or trade! Review – you will always need to review your research findings before you buy. Most people just research and grab the first penny stock pick that looks promising.  They are in a hurry… don’t be! Before you buy, you need to give yourself the opportunity to review for value, momentum, Fibonacci position (or whatever your preferred analysis technique(s) might be) and, especially, for other opportunities. Not doing that is a sure prescription for a stock market loss. And, finally the 3′d “R,” Reflection – You will always need to reflect on what you found in the first two “R’s”. This is where a good part of the “HJ-Factor”… The Human Judgment Factor enters the equation… Without it, your success will melt-down like an un-cooled nuclear reactor and so will your bank account along with it.  If your intuition (not your fear!) say “NO,” then don’t! Of all the things that a beginning investor/trader needs to do to be successful, the two that I believe most people will have trouble with are Research and Timing.  To be honest, I haven’t always had time to do the research and get the timing right for the Penny Stocks that I’m interested in, even though they can be incredibly profitable. (Anyone else up for a 1,000% profit in a day or two?)
Personally, I joined an advisory service that has a reasonable, 1-time up-front fee of less than $100 USD and no monthly payments. The service gives me a more than adequate workup on the trades that they recommend.  And that means that I have all the information that I need to decide whether I want to do the trade.  And, they tell me when to “buy in”… So, I have the timing too.  I think it’s pretty sweet!
The advisory service that I use is called Penny Stock Prophet.  I’ve used them for almost a year now and I am very satisfied with their recommendations.  I recently did an actual study of their recommendations and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that over 80% of their recommended trades were profitable.

And, Here’s My Bonus Package
If you buy a membership in Penny Stock Prophet I have a bonus package that I wrote (I really did… no outsourcing or PLR was used… Just my 30+ years of experience trading financial markets) for you which will definitely help you jump start your new Penny Stock trading career…
… First, I personally answer 5 of the most pressing questions about Penny Stocks shared by many beginning and intermediate investors and traders alike… Bonus #1 is a laser-targeted, 10-page Penny Stock e-book to help you get started right.
Bonus #1 – 5 Essential Questions About Penny Stocks e-Book
Many traditional investors just plain don’t understand the ins and outs of penny stocks. This compact e-book answers the following 5 questions that many, if not all, investors new to the penny stock markets and trading will probably have:
“What Is Penny Stock Investing?”“Can You Really Get Rich Using Penny Stock Investing Strategies?”“What Makes a Penny Stock Attractive?”“Do Low Prices Mean Low Risks with Penny Stock Investing?”“When Should I Cash Out on My Penny Stock Investment?”Don’t let the small size of this e-Book fool you! There are 1 to 3 pages per question and there is no fluff. This is an essential, introductory e-book… Don’t let it slip through your fingers…
Bonus #2 – “The 3-R’s of Stock Market Investing.” An’ they ain’t “Reedin’, ‘Ritin’ nor ‘Ritmetic”… It’s short and sweet… It’s just 1 page and may be the most important freebie that you’ll ever get.
Bonus #3 – My 3-part article series “How to Use Penny Stock Prophet To Make More Money!” as a single, easy-to-read PDF. Discover WHY I think that Penny Stocks are a great way to go and how I think you should use the Penny Stock Prophet’s information to make money. It’s delivered via e-Mail right to your door step, so to speak, just as soon as I get a copy of your ClickBank receipt in my inbox (see below).
OK, if you are still reading this I expect that you’re ready to get started.  So, how do you do that?
Here’s How:
In order to receive my Bonus Package, all you need to do is this (takes less than 2 minutes):
Step #1: Buy your membership in Penny Stock Prophet.  Remember to make sure that at the bottom of your ClickBank Order Page it says [Affiliate = alfonzoz01]; alfonzoz01 is my ClickBank affiliate ID for this offer.  If you buy using another affiliate ID you will not receive my Bonus Package.
Step #2: Send a copy of your ClickBank order receipt to AlPhillips@PennyStockProphetSuccess.com and I’ll personally see to it that you are sent your bonus package right away.
The offer has a 60-Day, Full Purchase Price Money Back Guarantee administered by ClickBank so you know for sure that you will get your money back no matter what your reason if you are within the 60 guarantee period.
And, if you decide that your purchase isn’t right for you just request your full refund from ClickBank. But, if you do that, please keep my Bonus Package as my way of saying “Thank You For Giving It A Try!”
Thanks for checking out “Want To Start Trading Penny Stocks And Make Money Consistently.”
Go Forth, Make A Fortune,

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