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Publicly Traded Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies in Massachusetts

The companies on this list are biotech and pharmaceutical companies headquartered in Massachusetts. Examples of some of the larger companies on this following list based on market capitalization include:

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ALNY)

Biogen Inc. (BIIB)

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (VRTX)

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Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies

Acceleron Pharma Inc. (XLRN) (Cancer and orphan diseases)

Agenus Inc. (AGEN) (Immunology: cancer, infectious diseases)

Agios Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AGIO) (Biopharmaceutical company: cancer and rare genetic disorders of metabolism)

Aileron Therapeutics, Inc. (ALRN) (IPO June 29, 2017; biopharmaceutical company: cancer)

Akcea Therapeutics, Inc. (AKCA) (IPO July 14, 2017; biopharmaceutical company: cardiometabolic lipid disorders)

Akebia Therapeutics, Inc. (AKBA) (Biopharmaceutical company: anemia secondary to chronic kidney disease)

Retail Stocks

Aldeyra Therapeutics, Inc. (ALDX) (Treat diseases thought to be related to endogenous free aldehydes)

Allena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ALNA) (IPO November 2, 2017; biopharmaceutical company: metabolic and kidney disorders)

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ALNY) (Biopharmaceutical company: RNAi therapeutics as genetic medicines; serious, life-threatening diseases)

AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AMAG) (Chronic kidney disease, oral rinse for oral mucositis, umbilical cord blood stem cell collection and storage)

Anika Therapeutics Inc. (ANIK) (Therapeutic products for tissue protection, healing and repair; animal health, ophthalmic, joint health and orthopedic products, surgical products to treat ENT disorders, wound care products)

ArQule, Inc. (ARQL) (Small molecule cancer therapeutics)

Arsanis, Inc. (ASNS) (IPO November 16, 2017; biopharmaceutical company: infectious diseases)

AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AVEO) (Biopharmaceutical company: therapies through biomarker-driven insights)

Biogen Inc. (BIIB) (Biopharmaceutical company: therapies for immunology, hematology, multiple sclerosis, neurology)

Bioverativ Inc. (BIVV)  (Biotech company: hemophilia and other rare blood disorders)

Bluebird Bio, Inc. (BLUE) (Gene therapies for severe genetic and rare diseases)

Blueprint Medicines Corporation (BPMC) (IPO in April 2015: Biopharmaceutical company: kinase inhibitors for genomically defined cancers)

Catabasis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CATB) (Biopharmaceutical company: rare diseases, serious lipid disorders)

Chiasma Inc. (CHMA) (IPO in July 2015, biopharmaceutical company: oral versions of injected drugs for orphan diseases)

Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc. (COLL) (IPO in May 2015: Products designed to treat chronic pain while deterring drug abuse/misuse)

Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CNCE) (CNS disorders, renal disease, inflammation and cancer)

Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc. (CRBP) (Biopharmaceutical company: rare, life-threatening, inflammatory diseases)

Cue Biopharma, Inc. (CUE) (IPO January 2, 2018; biopharmaceutical company: cancer and autoimmune disorders)

Curis, Inc. (CRIS) (Drug candidates for the treatment of human cancers)

Deciphera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (DCPH) (IPO September 28, 2017; biopharmaceutical company: cancer)

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (DRNA) (Biopharmaceutical company: inherited diseases of the liver and genetically defined cancers)

Editas Medicine, Inc. (EDIT) (IPO February 3, 2016: Genome editing company)

Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ENTA) (Small molecule drugs for viral infections and liver diseases)

Epizyme, Inc. (EPZM) (Biopharmaceutical company: therapeutics for patients with genetically defined cancers)

Eyegate Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  (EYEG) (Specialty pharmaceutical and drug delivery company: therapies and drug delivery technologies)

Flex Pharma, Inc. (FLKS) (Neuromuscular disorders including muscle cramps)

Flexion Therapeutics, Inc. (FLXN) (Pain therapies for the sufferers of musculoskeletal diseases)

Genocea Biosciences, Inc. (GNCA) (Vaccines and immunotherapies: infectious diseases, cancers and autoimmune diseases)

Homology Medicines, Inc. (FIXX) (IPO March 28, 2018; genetic medicines company)

Idera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IDRA) (B-cell Lymphoma, autoimmune, rare)

ImmunoGen, Inc. (IMGN) (Targeted cancer therapeutics)

Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (INFI) (Biopharmaceutical company: Blood cancers, indolent non-Hodgkin lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia)

Intellia Therapeutics, Inc. (NTLA) (Gene editing company)

Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IRWD) (Gastrointestinal disorders)

Jounce Therapeutics, Inc. (JNCE) (IPO January 27, 2017; cancer immunotherapies)

Juniper Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (JNP) (Women’s health)

Kala Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (KALA) (IPO July 20, 2017; biopharmaceutical company: eye diseases)

Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc. (KPTI) (Drugs for the treatment of cancer and other major diseases)

KalVista Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (KALV) (Small molecule protease inhibitors)

Leap Therapeutics, Inc. (LPTX) (Cancer therapies)

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MACK) (Biopharmaceutical company: cancer)

Mersana Therapeutics, Inc. (MRSN) (IPO June 28, 2017; biopharmaceutical company: cancer)

Minerva Neurosciences, Inc. (NERV) (Biopharmaceutical company: central nervous system diseases)

Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MNTA) (Therapeutics for oncology and autoimmune indications)

Ocular Therapeutix, Inc. (OCUL) (Biopharmaceutical company: therapies for diseases and conditions of the eye through its hydrogel platform technology)

Ovascience Inc. (OVAS) (Life sciences company: treatments for infertility)

Paratek Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PRTK) (Antibiotics)

Pieris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PIRS) (Biotechnology company: areas of focus include cancer, asthma and anemia)

Proteon Therapeutics, Inc. (PRTO) (Biopharmaceutical company: kidney and vascular diseases)

Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc. (PTI) (IPO February 11, 2016: Biopharmaceutical company with an initial focus on cystic fibrosis)

Pulmatrix Inc. (PULM) (Biopharmaceutical company: therapies to address pulmonary disease)

Ra Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RARX) (Biopharmaceutical company, therapeutics for complement-mediated diseases)

Radius Health, Inc. (RDUS) (Biopharmaceutical company: osteoporosis, endocrine-mediated diseases)

Repligen Corporation (RGEN) (Consumable products used in the process of manufacturing biological drugs)

resTORbio, Inc. (TORC) (IPO January 26, 2018; biopharmaceutical company: aging-related diseases)

Rhythm Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RYTM) (IPO October 5, 2017; biopharmaceutical company: rare genetic deficiencies that lead to metabolic disorders)

RXI Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RXII) (Therapeutics in the areas of dermatology and ophthalmology)

Sage Therapeutics, Inc. (SAGE) (Biopharmaceutical company: rare central nervous system disorders)

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. (SRPT) (Biopharmaceutical company: RNA-based therapeutics; rare and infectious diseases)

scPharmaceuticals Inc. (SCPH) (IPO November 17, 2017; pharmaceutical company: products designed to be delivered via subcutaneous (under the skin) administration)

Selecta Biosciences, Inc. (SELB) (Clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on products designed to modulate the immune system)

Seres Therapeutics Inc. (MCRB) (Microbiome therapeutics platform)

Sesen Bio, Inc. (SESN) (Antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) cancer therapies)

Solid Biosciences Inc. (SLDB) Linkedin (IPO January 26, 2018; biotech company: Duchenne muscular dystrophy)

Spero Therapeutics, Inc. (SPRO) (IPO November 2, 2017; biopharmaceutical company: multi-drug resistant bacterial infections)

Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SBPH) (Biopharmaceutical company: viral diseases)

Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SNDX) (Biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development of cancer treatments)

Tesaro, Inc. (TSRO) (Biopharmaceutical company: oncology therapeutics and supportive care products)

Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (TTPH) (Antibiotics platform based on the tetracycline core)

Unum Therapeutics Inc. (UMRX) (IPO March 29, 2018; biopharmaceutical company: immunotherapy products)

VBI Vaccines Inc. (VBIV) (Biopharmaceutical company: vaccines)

Verastem, Inc. (VSTM) (Biopharmaceutical company: drugs to treat cancer by the targeted killing of cancer stem cells)

Vericel Corporation (VCEL) (Cellular therapies for treatment of severe diseases and conditions)

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (VRTX) (Cystic fibrosis; additional ongoing research programs aimed at other serious and life-threatening diseases)

Voyager Therapeutics, Inc. (VYGR) (IPO in November 2015: clinical stage gene therapy company: central nervous system)

Xenetic Biosciences, Inc. (XBIO) (Biologic drugs; orphan oncology therapeutics)

Zafgen, Inc. (ZFGN) (Biopharmaceutical company: obesity)

Ziopharm Oncology Inc. (ZIOP)  (Biopharmaceutical company: cell-based therapies for the treatment of cancer)

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