Micro-Cap Bank Stocks

List of Micro-Cap Bank Stocks Listed on U.S. Exchanges

This list includes banks with a market capitalization less than 300 million dollars. In the world of investing these are referred to as micro-cap stocks. We update this page at the start of every month so it is possible that a company’s market cap might go above 300 million between updates.  Additional banks can be found through the following links:

Large-Cap Banks

Mid-Cap Banks

Small-Cap Banks

In parentheses you will find a short description or areas of focus for the company.

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Multi-Regional: Micro-Cap Banks

Premier Financial Bancorp, Inc. (PFBI) (Holding company for Premier Bank, Inc. and Citizens Deposit Bank and Trust, Inc.; branches in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.)

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Mid-Atlantic Banks

American National Bankshares, Inc. (AMNB) (Holding company for American National Bank and Trust Company; branches in Virginia and North Carolina)

Community Bankers Trust Corporation (ESXB) (Holding company for Essex Bank; branches in Virginia and Maryland)

First United Corporation (FUNC) (Parent company for First United Bank & Trust; branches in Maryland and West Virginia)

Monarch Financial Holdings, Inc. (MNRK) (Holding company for Monarch Bank; branches in southeast Virginia and northeast North Carolina)

Orrstown Financial Services Inc. (ORRF) (Holding company for Orrstown Bank; branches in Pennsylvania and Maryland)

Shore Bancshares Inc. (SHBI) (Holding company for CNB and The Talbot Bank of Easton, Maryland; branches on the Delmarva Peninsula)

Southern National Bancorp of Virginia, Inc. (SONA) (Holding company for Sonabank; branches in Virginia and Maryland)

Summit Financial Group, Inc. (SMMF) (Holding company for Summit Community Bank; branches in West Virginia  and Virginia)

The Community Financial Corporation (TCFC) (Holding company for Community Bank of the Chesapeake; branches in Maryland and Virginia)

WashingtonFirst Bankshares Inc. (WFBI) (Holding company for WashingtonFirst Bank; branches in northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.)


Citizens Community Bancorp, Inc. (CZWI) (Holding company for Citizens Community Federal; branches in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota)

HF Financial Corp. (HFFC) (Holding company for Home Federal; branches in eastern South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota)

HMN Financial, Inc. (HMNF) (Holding company for Home Federal Savings Bank; branches in Minnesota and Iowa)

Ohio Valley Banc Corp. (OVBC) (Holding company for The Ohio Valley Bank; branches in Ohio and West Virginia)

QCR Holdings, Inc. (QCRH) (Holding company for Quad City Bank & Trust Company, Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust Company and Rockford Bank and Trust Company; branches in Iowa and Illinois)

SB Financial Group, Inc. (SBFG) (Holding company for State Bank and Trust Company; branches in northwestern Ohio and Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Your Community Bankshares, Inc. (YCB) (Holding company for Your Community Bank and The Scott County State Bank)


BCB Bancorp, Inc. (BCBP) (Holding company for BCB Community Bank; branches in New Jersey and New York)

Chemung Financial Corp (CHMG) (Holding company for Chemung Canal Trust Company; branches in Pennsylvania and New York)

Citizens & Northern Corporation (CZNC) (Holding company for Citizens & Northern Bank; branches in Pennsylvania and New York)

CNB Financial Corporation (CCNE) (Holding company for CNB Bank; branches in Ohio and Pennsylvania)

Codorus Valley Bancorp, Inc. (CVLY) (Holding company for PeoplesBank; branches in Pennsylvania and northern Maryland)

Enterprise Bancorp Inc (EBTC) (Holding company for Enterprise Bank and Trust Company; branches in Massachusetts and New Hampshire)

Fox Chase Bancorp, Inc. (FXCB) (Holding company for Fox Chase Bank; branches in Pennsylvania and New Jersey)

Lake Sunapee Bank Group (LSBG) (Holding company for Lake Sunapee Bank; branches in western and central New Hampshire and central Vermont)

Northeast Community Bancorp, Inc. (NECB) (Holding company for Northeast Community Bank; branches in New York and Massachusetts)

Parke Bancorp, Inc. (PKBK) (Holding company for Parke Bank; branches in New Jersey and Pennsylvania)

Republic First Bancorp, Inc. (FRBK) (Holding company for Republic First Bank; branches in Pennsylvania and New Jersey)

Royal Bancshares of Pennsylvania, Inc. (RBPAA) (Holding company for Royal Bank America; branches in Pennsylvania and New Jersey)

Salisbury Bancorp, Inc. (SAL) (Holding company for Salisbury Bank and Trust Company; branches in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts)

SI Financial Group, Inc. (SIFI) (Holding company for Savings Institute Bank and Trust Company; branches in eastern Connecticut and southern Rhode Island)

Sussex Bancorp (SBBX) (Holding company for Sussex Bank and Tri-State Insurance Agency; branches in New Jersey and New York)

Union Bankshares, Inc. (UNB) (Holding company for Union Bank; branches in northern Vermont and New Hampshire)

Unity Bancorp, Inc. (UNTY) (Holding company for Unity Bank; branches in New Jersey and Pennsylvania)

Westfield Financial, Inc. (WFD) (Branches in Massachusetts and Connecticut)

Pacific Region

Riverview Bancorp Inc. (RVSB) (Holding company for Riverview Community Bank; branches in Washington and Oregon)


Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation (ACFC) (Branches in northeastern Florida and southeastern Georgia)

Capital City Bank Group (CCBG) (Holding company for Capital City Bank; branches in Florida, Alabama and Georgia)

Carolina Financial Corporation (CARO) (Holding company for CresCom Bank; branches in North Carolina and South Carolina)

Charter Financial Corp. (CHFN) (Holding company for CharterBank; branches in western Georgia, eastern Alabama and the Florida Gulf Coast)

First Community Corporation (FCCO) (Branches in in South Carolina and Georgia)

Home Bancorp, Inc. (HBCP) (Holding company for Home Bank, National Association; branches in Louisiana and Mississippi)

HopFed Bancorp, Inc. (HFBC) (Holding company for Heritage Bank USA; branches in middle Tennessee and western Kentucky)

MidSouth Bancorp (MSL) (Holding company for MidSouth Bank; branches in Louisiana and Texas)

National Commerce Corporation (NCOM) (Branches in Alabama and Florida)

Oconee Federal Financial Corp. (OFED) (Branches in South Carolina and Georgia)

The First Bancshares, Inc. (FBMS) (Holding company for The First, A National Banking Association; branches in southern Mississippi, southern Alabama and Louisiana)

Branchless Banks

First Internet Bancorp (INBK) (Holding company for First Internet Bank of Indiana; branchless bank)

Alaska Banks

Northrim BanCorp Inc. (NRIM) (Holding company for Northrim Bank)

Banks in Alabama

Auburn National Bancorporation, Inc. (AUBN) (Branches in eastern Alabama)

United Security Bancshares, Inc. (USBI) (Holding company for First US Bank; branches in Alabama)

California Microcap Banks

1st Century Bancshares, Inc. (FCTY) (Bank operates an office/banking center in Los Angeles with additional offices in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica)

American River Bankshares (AMRB) (Branches in the Greater Sacramento area and other parts of northern California)

Bank of Commerce Holdings (BOCH) (Holding company for Redding Bank of Commerce and Sacramento Bank of Commerce)

Broadway Financial Corporation (BYFC) (Holding company for Broadway Federal Bank)

California First National Bancorp (CFNB) (Holding company for California First National Bank)

Central Valley Community Bancorp (CVCY) (Approximately 20 branches throughout the San Joaquin Valley region of California)

Community West Bancshares (CWBC) (Holding company for Community West Bank)

CU Bancorp (CUNB) (Holding company for California United Bank)

Heritage Oaks Bancorp (HEOP) (Branches on the Central Coast of California)

Oak Valley Bancorp (OVLY) (Holding company for Oak Valley Community Bank)

Pacific Mercantile Bancorp (PMBC) (Branches in southern California)

Plumas Bancorp (PLBC) (Operates branches in northeastern California)

Provident Financial Holdings, Inc. (PROV) (Holding company for Provident Savings Bank)

Sierra Bancorp (BSRR) (Holding company for Bank of Sierra; branches in central and southern California

Summit State Bank (SSBI) (Branches in Sonoma County and the greater Bay Area)

United Security Bancshares (UBFO)  (Holding company for United Security Bank)

Banks in Connecticut

Bankwell Financial Group, Inc. (BWFG) (New Haven and Fairfield counties)

First Connecticut Bancorp, Inc. (FBNK) (Holding company for Farmington Bank)

Naugatuck Valley Financial Corporation (NVSL) (Holding company for Naugatuck Valley Savings and Loan)

Patriot National Bancorp Inc. (PNBK) (Holding company for Patriot National Bank)

PSB Holdings, Inc. (PSBH) (Holding company for Putnam Bank)

Banks in Florida

Jacksonville Bancorp, Inc. (JAXB) (Holding company for The Jacksonville Bank)

OptimumBank Holdings, Inc. (OPHC) (Holding company for OptimumBank)

Sunshine Bancorp, Inc. (SBCP) (Holding company for Sunshine State Bank)

Banks in Georgia

Colony Bankcorp, Inc. (CBAN) (Holding company for Colony Bank)

Southwest Georgia Financial Corporation (SGB) (Holding company for Southwest Georgia Bank)

Banks in Hawaii

Territorial Bancorp Inc. (TBNK) (Holding company for Territorial Savings Bank)

Illinois Banks

BankFinancial Corporation (BFIN) (Holding company for BankFinancial, F.S.B.)

First Clover Leaf Financial Corp. (FCLF) (Holding company for First Clover Leaf Bank)

First Mid-Illinois Bancshares, Inc. (FMBH) (Holding company for First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust)

IF Bancorp, Inc. (IROQ) (Holding company for Iroquois Federal Savings and Loan Association)

Indiana Banks

Ameriana Bancorp (ASBI) (Holding company for Ameriana Bank)

First Capital, Inc. (FCAP) (Holding company for First Harrison Bank)

First Savings Financial Group, Inc. (FSFG) (Holding company for First Savings Bank)

LaPorte Bancorp, Inc. (LPSB) (Holding company for La Porte Savings Bank)

MutualFirst Financial Inc. (MFSF) (Holding company for MutualBank)

River Valley Bancorp. (RIVR) (Holding company for River Valley Financial Bank)

United Community Bancorp (UCBA) (Holding company for United Community Bank)

Banks in Kansas

Landmark Bancorp Inc. (LARK) (Holding company for Landmark National Bank)

Banks in Kentucky

Citizens First Corporation (CZFC) (Holding company for Citizens First Bank)

Farmers Capital Bank Corporation (FFKT) (Holding company for Citizens Bank of Northern Kentucky, Inc., Farmers Bank & Capital Trust Company, First Citizens Bank and United Bank & Trust Company)

Kentucky First Federal Bancorp (KFFB) (Holding company for First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Hazard and First Federal Savings Bank of Frankfort)

Poage Bankshares, Inc. (PBSK) (Holding company for Town Square Bank)

Porter Bancorp, Inc. (PBIB) (Holding company for PBI Bank)

Louisiana Banks

Home Federal Bancorp, Inc. of Louisiana (HFBL) (Holding company for Home Federal Bank)

Investar Holding Corporation (ISTR) (Holding company for Ivanstar Bank)

Banks in Maine

Bar Harbor Bankshares, Inc. (BHB) (Holding company for Bar Harbor Bank & Trust)

First Bancorp, Inc. (FNLC) (Holding company for The First, N.A.)

Northeast Bancorp (NBN) (Holding company for Northeast Bank)

Banks in Maryland

Bay Bancorp, Inc. (BYBK) (Holding company for Bay Bank)

Glen Burnie Bancorp (GLBZ) (Holding company for The Bank of Glen Burnie)

Hamilton Bancorp, Inc. (HBK) (Holding company for Hamilton Bank)

Howard Bancorp, Inc. (HBMD) (Holding company for Howard Bank)

Old Line Bancshares, Inc. (OLBK) (Holding company for Old Line Bank)

Severn Bancorp Inc. (SVBI) (Holding company for Severn Savings Bank)

Banks in Massachusetts

BSB Bancorp, Inc. (BLMT) (Holding company for Belmont Savings Bank)

Century Bancorp, Inc. (CNBKA) (Holding company for Century Bank and Trust Company)

Chicopee Bancorp, Inc. (CBNK) (Holding company for Chicopee Savings Bank)

Georgetown Bancorp, Inc. (GTWN) (Holding company for Georgetown Bank)

Hingham Institution for Savings (HIFS) (Operates banking locations in Massachusetts)

Melrose Bancorp, Inc. (MELR) (Holding company for Melrose Cooperative Bank)

Wellesley Bancorp, Inc. (WEBK) (Holding company for Wellesley Bank)

Banks in Michigan

First Federal of Northern Michigan Bancorp, Inc. (FFNM) (Holding company for First Federal of Northern Michigan)

M B T Financial Corp (MBTF) (Holding company for Monroe Bank & Trust)

Macatawa Bank Corporation (MCBC) (Holding company for Macatawa Bank)

Mackinac Financial Corporation (MFNC) (Holding company for mBank)

Wolverine Bancorp, Inc. (WBKC) (Holding company for Wolverine Bank)

Banks in Mississippi

Citizens Holding Company (CIZN) (Holding company for The Citizens Bank of Philadelphia)

Banks in Missouri

Guaranty Federal Bancshares, Inc. (GFED) (Holding company for Guaranty Bank)

Hawthorn Bancshares, Inc. (HWBK) (Holding company for Hawthorn Bank)

Pulaski Financial Corp. (PULB) (Holding company for Pulaski Bank)

Southern Missouri Bancorp, Inc. (SMBC) (Holding company for Southern Bank; branches in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas)

Montana Banks

Eagle Bancorp Montana, Inc. (EBMT) (Holding company for Opportunity Bank of Montana)

Banks in New Jersey

1st Constitution Bancorp (FCCY) (Holding company for 1st Constitution Bank)

Bancorp of New Jersey, Inc. (BKJ) (Holding company for Bank of New Jersey)

Cape Bancorp, Inc. (CBNJ) (Holding company for Cape Bank)

First Bank (FRBA) (Branches in New Jersey)

Magyar Bancorp, Inc. (MGYR) (Holding company for Magyar Bank)

MSB Financial Corp. (MSBF) (Holding company for Millington Savings Bank)

Ocean Shore Holding Co. (OSHC) (Holding company for Ocean City Bank)

Stewardship Financial Corporation (SSFN) (Holding company for Atlantic Stewardship Bank)

Two River Bancorp (TRCB) (Holding company for Two River Community Bank)

Micro-Cap Banks in New York

Carver Bancorp, Inc. (CARV) (Holding company for Carver Federal Savings Bank)

Elmira Savings Bank NY (The) (ESBK) (New York chartered mutual savings bank)

Evans Bancorp, Inc. (EVBN) (Holding company for Evans Bank; property and casualty insurance offices)

Greene County Bancorp, Inc. (GCBC) (Holding company for The Bank of Greene County)

Lake Shore Bancorp, Inc. (LSBK) (Holding company for Lake Shore Savings Bank)

Oneida Financial Corp. (ONFC) (Holding company for The Oneida Savings Bank)

Pathfinder Bancorp, Inc. (PBHC) (Holding company for Pathfinder Bank)

Banks in North Carolina

ASB Bancorp, Inc. (ASBB) (Holding company for Asheville Savings Bank)

Carolina Bank Holdings Inc. (CLBH) (Holding company for Carolina Bank)

Carolina Trust Bank (CART) (Branches in North Carolina)

Entegra Financial Corp. (ENFC) (Holding company for Macon Bank)

First South Bancorp Inc. (FSBK) (Holding company for First South Bank)

Peoples Bancorp of North Carolina, Inc. (PEBK) (Holding company for Peoples Bank)

Select Bancorp, Inc. (SLCT) (Holding company for Select Bank and Trust Company)

Banks in Ohio

Central Federal Corporation (CFBK) (Holding company for CFBank)

Cheviot Financial Corp (CHEV) (Holding company for Cheviot Savings Bank)

Civista Bancshares, Inc. (CIVB) (Holding company for Civista Bank)

Farmers National Banc Corp. (FMNB) (Holding company for The Farmers National Bank of Canfield)

LCNB Corporation (LCNB) (Holding company for LCNB National Bank)

Middlefield Banc Corp. (MBCN) (Holding company for The Middlefield Banking Company)

United Bancorp, Inc. (UBCP) (Holding company for The Citizens Community Bank)

United Bancshares, Inc. (UBOH) (Holding company for The Union Bank Company)

United Community Financial Corp. (UCFC) (Holding company for The Home Savings and Loan Company; branches in Ohio and western Pennsylvania)

Wayne Savings Bancshares Inc. (WAYN) (Holding company for Wayne Savings Community Bank)

Micro-Cap Banks in Pennsylvania

ACNB Corporation (ACNB) (Holding company for ACNB Bank and Russell Insurance Group, Inc.)

AmeriServ Financial Inc. (ASRV) (Holding company for AmeriServ Financial Bank)

CB Financial Services, Inc. (CBFV) (Holding company for Community Bank)

DNB Financial Corp (DNBF) (Holding company for DNB First, National Association)

Emclaire Financial Corp (EMCF) (Holding company for the Farmers National Bank of Emlenton)

ESSA Bancorp, Inc. (ESSA) (Holding company for ESSA Bank & Trust)

Malvern Bancorp, Inc. (MLVF) (Holding company for Malvern Federal Savings Bank)

Mid Penn Bancorp, Inc. (MPB) (Holding company for Mid Penn Bank)

Norwood Financial Corp. (NWFL) (Holding company for Wayne Bank)

Penns Woods Bancorp, Inc. (PWOD) (Holding company for Jersey Shore State Bank and Luzerne Bank)

Polonia Bancorp, Inc. (PBCP) (Holding company for Polonia Bank)

Prudential Bancorp, Inc. (PBIP) (Holding company for Prudential Savings Bank)

WVS Financial Corp. (WVFC) (Holding company for West View Savings Bank)

Rhode Island

Coastway Bancorp, Inc. (CWAY) (Holding company for Costway Community Bank)

Banks in South Carolina

Bank of South Carolina Corp. (BKSC) (Holding company for The Bank of South Carolina)

Southcoast Financial Corporation (SOCB) (Holding company for Southcoast Community Bank)

Southern First Bancshares, Inc. (SFST) (Holding company for Southern First Bank)

Tennessee Banks

Athens Bancshares Corporation (AFCB) (Holding company for Athens Federal Community Bank)

Avenue Financial Holdings, Inc. (AVNU) (Holding company for Avenue Bank)

Banks in Texas

Veritex Holdings, Inc. (VBTX) (Holding company for Veritex Community Bank)


Merchants Bancshares, Inc. (MBVT) (Holding company for Merchants Bank)

Banks in Virginia

Bank of the James Financial Group, Inc. (BOTJ) (Holding company for Bank of the James)

C&F Financial Corporation (CFFI) (Holding company for Citizens and Farmers Bank)

Cordia Bancorp Inc. (BVA) (Holding company for Bank of Virginia)

Eastern Virginia Bankshares, Inc. (EVBS) (Holding company for EVB)

Fauquier Bankshares, Inc. (FBSS) (Holding company for The Fauquier Bank)

First Capital Bancorp, Inc. (FCVA) (Holding company for First Capital Bank)

Middleburg Financial Corporation (MBRG) (Holding company for Middleburg Bank and Middleburg Investment Group)

National Bankshares, Inc. (NKSH) (Holding company for National Bank of Blacksburg)

Old Point Financial Corporation (OPOF) (Holding company for The Old Point National Bank of Phoebus and Old Point Trust and Financial Services, N.A.)

Village Bank and Trust Financial Corp. (VBFC) (Holding company for Village Bank)

Xenith Bankshares, Inc. (XBKS) (Holding company for Xenith Bank)

Washington Banks

Anchor Bancorp (ANCB) (Holding company for Anchor Bank)

First Financial Northwest, Inc. (FFNW) (Holding company for First Financial Northwest Bank)

First Northwest Bancorp (FNWB) (Holding company for First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Port Angeles)

FS Bancorp, Inc. (FSBW) (Holding company for 1st Security Bank of Washington)

Sound Financial Bancorp, Inc. (SFBC) (Holding company for Sound Community Bank)

Timberland Bancorp, Inc. (TSBK) (Holding company for Timberland Bank)

Washington D.C. Banks

Access National Corporation (ANCX) (Holding company for Access National Bank)

Banks in Wisconsin

Baylake Corp (BYLK) (Holding company for Baylake Bank)

County Bancorp, Inc. (ICBK) (Holding company for Investors Community Bank)

First Business Financial Services, Inc. (FBIZ) (Holding company for First Business Bank, First Business Bank-Milwaukee and Alterra Bank)

Westbury Bancorp, Inc. (WBB) (Holding company for Westbury Bank)

Micro-Cap Stocks: Foreign Banks


China Commercial Credit, Inc. (CCCR)

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